How to Determine Your Mental Sex
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If you have ever wondered if you mind is male, female or somewhere in between, this three-hour audio program will resolve it once and for all.

Based on years of ground-breaking research the program covers all sides of what determines “mental sex” from biology to biochemistry and from social influence to personal choice.

Hi, I’m Melanie Anne Phillips, the founder of the Transgender Support site and a transgender post-op myself since 1992.  Along with my partner, Chris, I have spent more than a quarter of a century professionally investigating the mind and how it works, including the innate differences between the minds of men and women.

Chris and I gathered all of our findings together in a three-hour lecture program that explores the entire range of gender considerations including anatomical sex, sexual preference, gender identity and mental sex - each of which is different influence on how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves.

At the end of our lecture, we offer a quiz that pulls all this information together into questions you can answer about your own feelings to determine once and for all your true mental sex.

Don’t keep wondering if you are transgendered or not.  Find out for sure!

Program Contents...

1. Introduction

2. Human Sexuality 101

3. Where Mental Sex Came From

4. Levels of Mental Sex

5. Linear and Holistic Thinking

6. Problems and Justification (Male)

7. Problems and Justification (Female)

8. Satisfaction and Fulfillment

9. Male and Female Decision Making

10. Identifying with Men and Women

11. Manipulating Men

12. Manipulating Women

13. Communication Between Sexes

14. When Men Demand Reasons from Women

15. Reason and Emotion

16. Why Can’t You Tell Me What You Feel?

17. Why Can’t You Tell Me What You Want?

18. Men and Catalogs – Women and Furniture

19. Why Men Climb Big Mountains

20. Sex – The Edsel – And Girl Talk

21. Determine Your Mental Sex Quiz Intro & Question 1

22. Question 2

23. Question 3

24. Question 4

25. Mental Sex and Finding Your Soulmate

26. Scoring and Answers

27. Brain and Ending