How to Develop a Female Voice
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Hi, I’m Melanie Anne Phillips, creator of the  method behind our "Develop A Female Voice" video and audio programs.  More than 10,000 people have used it to find the voice they’ve always wanted - the voice that truly reflects who they are.

How will your new female voice sound? 

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When you purchase you will get immediate online access to  BOTH the  50 minute video program AND the 57 minute audio program for the one low price of just $19.95.  You can also download both programs as well, if you like!

How to develop a truly female voice - not just a feminine one -  but a voice with a female tone indistinguishable from that of a genetic female - is the secret to this method.

This is possible due to a unique discovery I made during my own transition more than 25 years ago, and it is still working for me today.  And the best part is that you aren’t stuck with the new voice, so you can switch back and forth between the two whenever you like!

The heart of this "secret" method is an exercise I developed that extends the range of what your vocal muscles can do. Rather than focusing only on "pitch," this technique allows you to change the actual modulation of your voice at will.

No matter what your voice is like when you start, my step-by-step program will show you how to develop the female voice you've always wanted. And because you can slip in and out of your new voice whenever you choose, it works equally well for those not currently pursuing a full-time female lifestyle.

This technique has been used successfully by thousands of people in the gender community for almost twenty years, and my approach has been featured in books, magazines, on television and even by a major (unnamed) movie star for his transgender role in a professional stage play!

Both the video and audio programs cover the seven keys to a female voice: Pitch, Resonance, Dynamic Range, Enunciation, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Body English AND my special vocal exercises that make it possible to achieve completely natural results. Plus, the audio program includes seven additional minutes of new material not found in the original video!

So why wait? Download my voice programs right now, and start developing the voice you've always wanted!

Best wishes for all you hope to do and be.

And remember, dreams are the stuff reality is made of.

Melanie Anne Phillips